Private Equity and Venture Capital

Recognizing the clients investment strategy and values are the unique contribution of our practicing consultants dedicated to resolving issues related to private equity and venture capital. Contrary to other business endeavors, our consultants are completely aware that the life cycle of investment in private equity is distinctive. From sourcing and assessment, through operations to exits, we know exactly that business transactions do not kick off with a simple letter of intent and estimations of probable portfolio companies are not just restricted to legal matters.

Brook and Franklin Consulting Group provides a detailed approach to transactions and management with all-inclusive capability to manage multiple business transactions simultaneously. Our consultants work with our private equity fund clients to determine and identify the fund's key hypothesis about the business, collaborate and outline acquisition reports that emphasize and protect the investment composition.

Our Private Equity and Venture Capital Legal Practice Team concentrates on providing effective legal solutions and advice that helps a private equity client promptly formulate decisions. Our legal practice team comprised of legal veterans who execute in-depth and exhaustive due diligence, providing updated and cost-efficient market analysis that creates impression and backs up our clients due diligence initiatives.

Services offered by Private Equity and Venture Capital Legal Practice Team:

We have extensive legal experience in dealing with business transactions connected to minority-controlled businesses and we understand specific rights provided to different types of investors. We help or private equity fund clients in organizing exit strategies, successful mergers and acquisitions transactions. We also represent brokers and management teams of portfolio companies in conversions to private equity fund ownership, counseling on management recompense, equity turnover, new investments, and minority investment owner rights.

Fund Formation

We represent major investors in private equity funds and support them in restructuring these funds, sketching and discussing organizations and providing documents. Our consultants have common knowledge on the various fund structures that are basically used in the marketplace, and we are all set to offer legal advice in structuring management and other matters concerning billings and charges, retrieval provisions and tax-connected allotment and distribution conditions.

Institutional and High Net worth Investors

Our consultancy firm often advice institutional and high-net worth investors regarding private equity investments. We consistently advise on the terms and conditions stipulated in the limited partnership agreements investing in private equity types of funds, providing us insights into existing terms usually agreeable in the marketplace, as well as in the market trends that are developing.