Mergers and Acquisitions

In today's ever-changing market, Brook and Franklin Consulting Group's consummate M&A legal team create sensible and feasible legal solutions that brings out strategic business outcomes. We recognize that there is more to a successful acquisition than just simply closing the transaction.

While our M&A legal practice is excellent enough to deal with even the most complicated purchases, business reforms, business joint ventures, spinoffs and takeovers, what makes us different is our concentration on achieving lasting client relationships. This concentration indicates that each client, whether small or institutional, fairly receives the same quick, precise evaluations of potential opportunities, efficient communication during the process and reliable guidance that guarantees no business or legal sub-detail is disregarded.


At Brook and Franklin Consulting Group, we speak for buyers and sellers; act as management or specialized board committees for mergers and acquisitions lenders and financial advisors. Our legal team has successfully managed local and international transactions in all mergers and acquisitions undertakings. Tasks include but not limited to planning and preparation for contract strategies, discovering acquisition opportunities, scrutinizing transaction arrangements, performing due diligence, classifying and collaborating financing, acquiring approvals from regulatory agencies, and negotiating, recording and concluding transactions.

For more multifaceted assignments, our M&A legal team utilize broader resources available within the consultancy firm. This includes consultants with relevant legal experience in dispute resolution, antitrust and intellectual property, banking and bankruptcy, employee benefits and labor and employment issues, securities and tax issues, corporate and commercial, corporate risk assessment and compliance and environmental law.

Our M&A legal practice team has extensive experience in the following aspects:

Buy-side representation

Our buy-side customers comprise of corporate strategic purchaser and private equity funds which includes management preparations, capital structures, financial and regulatory issues. We also arrange, collaborate and complete a complete range of strategic dealings, from minority equity investments to joint ventures to multi-billion dollar public business entity acquisitions. In minority investment dealings, we regularly assist our clients settle related rights to obtain additional equity or assets, technology certifications and product commercialization preparations.

Sell-side representation

Our M&A legal practice team deals with sale transaction for privately-owned businesses, administration teams who stay on after the deal, corporations depriving product lines or divisions, and private equity funds planning to quit from a particular investment. We organize business transactions with emphasis on after-tax outcomes for individual business owners and business executives, synchronizing with estate planning specialists early in the process to determine and tackle wealth transfer matters. We frequently undertake supplementary transactions such as long and short term supply and distribution arrangements, advising arrangements, and technology permits to conquer negotiation impediments and achieve clients business objectives.

Financial institutions

At Brook and Franklin Consulting Group, the Banking and financial transactions team serve as advisers to banks and bank holding companies in all phases of M&A agreements and dealings, providing capabilities in regulatory issues exclusive to financial institutions, as well as comprehensive legal experience in negotiating acquisitions conditions in bank transactions.

Intellectual property

In most legal cases relating to M&A dealings, appropriate handling of intellectual property is significant to concerned individuals of the transactions. At Brook and Franklin Consulting Group, we have formed Intellectual Property Legal Practice Team, who are composed of patent attorneys with various scientific degrees and experience, as well as specialists on copyright and trademark. Our dedicated Intellectual Property consultants devote most of their time to assess and understand our clients business objectives, assisting them in evaluating Intellectual Property portfolios and organize transactions to make the most of the opportunities while reducing potential risks.

Cross Border

In our present economic situation, business transactions often cross international borders and jurisdictions. These cross-border dealings impart specific opportunities and challenges that involve experience and expertise in organizing, negotiation and execution. Our legal team stands for global business companies investing in or buying businesses worldwide which entails expertise on international operations, and business relationships. Our cross-border consultants are also licensed legal practitioners in their respective countries and speak, write and read in more than 20 languages.

Life Sciences

Brook and Franklin Consulting Group has also formed a Life Science Legal Team with deep legal experience and represents medical devices, biotech and pharmaceutical companies. We have represented our life sciences clients in over $10 billion in joint ventures, technology permits, divestitures, acquisitions and investments.