Corporate Governance and Investigations

Brook and Franklin Consulting Group has been recognized for its active corporate governance for more than a decade. Three of the ten members of our Corporate Governance Legal Practice Team have served and became members of the American Bar Association Committee on Corporate Governance. Our team of consultants often speak on corporate governance issues in some recognized international business corporations.

Under our Corporate Governance and Investigation Legal Practice Team, we provide clusters of corporate governance services and its legal functions and responsibilities are described below:

Corporate Investigations

Our attorneys have guided and participated as team members in some investigations undertaken by management, Committee Boards for public, private and non-profit business corporations and organizations. Our corporate investigation services include:

Indemnification and Insurance

Our consultants often counsel our clients on the protection and security of business companies, its directors and officers from various threats of liabilities and losses. Our consultants have broad legal experience on indemnification and insurance contracts and settlements. Our indemnification and insurance services include:

Regulatory and Criminal Defense

With the extreme demands that have been created to bear on regulator to bring back business confidence in the securities market, it is inescapable that most companies and their respective directors and officers become the focus of the investigations and in some cases, the enforcement targets. Our White Collar and Regulatory Defense Legal Practice Team are composed of competent consultants with extensive and practical legal experience in criminal defense and litigations. Our legal team created for regulatory and criminal defense has also extensive legal experience on white collar cases, financial fraud investigations, and trials and appeals.

We represent almost all market participants in the industry's various sectors. Our services include:

Civil Litigation

Our competitive civil litigation consultants have defended business entities, directors and officers as well as shareholders in various court proceedings and arbitrations, which include:

Advisory Services

Our Corporate Governance and Investigations legal practitioners also provide advisory services and consultation with the Committee boards, corporate executives, family-owned business companies and non-profit corporations on wide-range governance issues, such as: